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Colin Steenvoort

HR & Recruitment Business Partner

10 years of international HR and recruitment in a technical and project focused environment. Has supported local businesses and satellite offices around the world setting up HR and recruitment processes. Certified in HR, HAY job profiling and SHL/CEB people assessment and equipped with a genuine interest in people.


Peter Martin

Recruitment Business Partner

15 years of recruitment and business owner experience in the always challenging Australian labor market. Has previously led multiple recruitment agencies and is still active business owner in the local Queensland and rural Australian industries. 

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Talent 4 all - Our vision

For it is when we function in full strength we achieve the most!

When we hear the term talent, we often think of upcoming top athletes performing at their peak in competitive sports. We think of singers and musicians bedazzling a crowd on one of the popular talent shows on tv. When we think of talent, we think of someone possessing a natural aptitude or skill who can do great things if functioning in their full strengths.

above examples of talent often have a platform available where they can be expressed, a platform for possible recognition. But what about the talents in the world of business? When and where is their right time to shine?


This is where we as HR and recruiters get to partner with businesses as well as candidates. Where the right connection is made between business needs and employee potential.


To contribute the best way possible to the company success as well as  the success of the employee it is important that people are given the opportunity to perform in their strengths.

Matching the right talent with the right organization benefits all. It truly makes it Talent 4 all.